Here in the West, farmers don’t have time to waste. So they find something that works and stick with it – like Decisive Farming. It’s proven. In fact over 96% of our whole farm clients are still with us today. That’s because all the tools and experience you need to make well informed decisions on the farm are right here, in one place.

Discover how you can succeed by being decisive.

All your farm, all in one place. Our user-friendly farm management software connects the key people, service providers and data on the farm.Learn More
Variable rate applications, agronomy, and soil testing. Optimize RX has a proven track record for return on investment and is fully supported from start to finish.Learn More
Know-Risk provides all the tools, expertise, and personalized support you need to be proactive in the market while protecting margins on your farm.Learn More
“A lot of people think of Variable Rate is the same between companies. But the process that Decisive Farming uses is very different from the other guys and it shows in their results every year.”
Lance W
“Guys have been stung in the past using unreliable VR technology that didn’t work. When I tell them about Decisive Farming and our success with them over the last 3 years they always want to know more.”
Darcy D
“Optimize RX on the new drill is Awesome!!”
Mark D
“Decisive Farming’s results year after year are the reason I recommend them to my neighbours.”
Donald G
“We have been using Decisive Farming’s VRT for 7 years now and wouldn’t go a year without it.”
Kevin K

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4 yield reporting practices to see beyond the bushels

By |August 18th, 2016|

In our blog story Fertility mapping: the foundation for success we said that fertility mapping is critically important to helping growers determine how and where to invest their resources in the field. In this story, […]

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Fertility mapping: the foundation for success

By |July 8th, 2016|

It may resemble an artist’s palette at first glance, but a fertility map has far more to offer farmers than just a splash of colour.

In truth, a fertility map is foundational and is an essential […]

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Four actions to overcome herbicide resistance weeds

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When it comes to herbicide resistance, it might be said the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Despite advances in the way herbicides are applied and how technology is used to apply them, […]

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